R-Go Steel Travel Laptop stand

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Stimulates an upright posture

Raises your laptop up to eye level

This ergonomic laptop stand raises your laptop up to eye level. So you sit in an upright position in front of your screen and prevent annoying neck and back pains.

The R-Go Steel Travel is the perfect laptop stand for when you are on the road a lot. Because this laptop stand is foldable! It fits easily into your (laptop) bag and you can use it anywhere. It has a load capacity of no less than 11.0 lb (5 kg) and is suitable for all laptops from 10 to 22 inches.

The R-Go Steel Travel is made in collaboration with the organisation In-Made. In-Made gives inmates the chance to learn employee skills in a real production environment and under expert guidance. When you purchase an R-Go Steel Travel laptop stand, you support the great work of In- Made and help people who need a second chance.

We strive for ergonomic solutions that are suitable for everyone, regardless of your height, posture and left- or right-handedness. Our new products are assessed by external ergonomists and a test panel of users. Since June 2022, our ergonomic mice, Break keyboards, Riser laptop stands, monitor arms, document holders and Treepod laptop and tablet stand are also AGR certified. In addition, we won the Benelux Office Award for the Break software and our Viva laptop bag.

Details and


Model and functions
Laptop stand
Capacity in lb (kg)
11.0 lb (5 kg)
Easy to carry
Adjustable in height
Suitable for screen diagonal
10" ≤ 22" Laptop
Length in inch (mm)
10.4 inch (265 mm)
Width in inch (mm)
10.0 inch (255 mm)
Height in inch (mm)
5.0 inch (125 mm)
Weight in oz (g)
12.2 inch (310 mm)
Product material
R-Go Steel
Warranty period (in years)
Country of origin
The Netherlands
What is the difference between the R-Go Steel Travel and Office?

The Travel is foldable and therefore ideal to take anywhere. The Office is suitable for fixed monitor workstations.

Why is this a social product?

The Steel Travel laptop stand is made in cooperation with the Dutch organisation In-Made. They offer ex-convicts a better chance of reintegration and paid work.

Where are the laptop stands made?

The Steel laptop stands are made in the Netherlands.

Increase your comfort

With a laptop stand

A laptop cannot be properly adjusted to your body. The monitor is not adjustable and the keyboard and mouse are unfavorable to use. As a result, you often work in a hunched posture, causing neck and shoulder pain. So why not get rid of your laptop? No need! With a laptop stand and the right tools, you can still create a healthy workplace.