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Break software licence 3 years including Sit-stand coach and Fit coach. Available with and without connection set to control your sit-stand desk (check type of desk motor).

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R-Go Break Software

  • Contains break indicator LED
  • Can be personalized
  • Gain insight into your working behaviour
  • With Sit-stand coach module
  • With Fit coach module
Watch the video
you are working healthily
time for a short break
you missed a break

Stay fit and focused

With R-Go Break software

The R-Go Break is a software tool that helps you remember to interrupt your work with breaks. While working, the R-Go Break break software controls the LED light on your Break mouse or keyboard. This light changes colour, like a traffic light. When the light turns green, it means you are working healthily. Orange indicates it is time for a short break and red indicates you have missed a break. This gives you positive feedback on your break behaviour.

The R-Go Break can be personalized. So you can increase your break frequency in case of physical complaints. Personalize your breaks by, for example, setting a reminder when it’s time for a cup of tea, a game of table tennis or a walk. In addition, it is possible to set the buttons of your mouse to your liking.

The software also analyses your working behaviour and visualises it. You can see how intensively you use your mouse and keyboard and how well you follow break recommendations. After all, to measure is to know!

Alternate sitting with standing regularly

With the Sit-stand coach

By regularly changing your posture during the working day, you stimulate the blood circulation and prevent physical complaints. Based on actual screen use, the Sit-stand coach controls your desk from sitting to standing or a height in between (for use of a stool or deskbike). You can set your breaks personally and programme your electric desk* to go up or down to your chosen height.

The Sit-stand Coach was developed in cooperation with furniture manufacturers and is compatible with Linak, Innotech and OMT systems (USB connection cable required). With other systems, the Sit-stand Coach gives a reminder on your screen while you can adjust the height of the desk yourself.

How does it work?

Based on actual screen usage, the Sit-stand Coach adjusts your desk from sitting to standing or a height in between (for use of a stool or deskbike). You can set your breaks personally and programme your electric desk to go up or down to your chosen height.

* Only for desks with a Linak, Innotech or OMT control box
** Only available for Windows

Stay fit and stretch along

With the Fit Coach

The Fit Coach offers various stretching exercises by physiotherapists via a pop-up on your screen. You can personalize the Fit Coach by selecting the type of exercises. For example, you can choose from the following exercises: Balance, Neck and shoulders, Legs and Posture/relaxation. During the exercises, you are coached with the help of a video, photos and a simple description. The Fit coach is developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and contains more than 80 exercises. You can decide for yourself during which breaks you want to do the exercises and how many exercises you are offered per break.

Get moving!

Doing various stretching exercises during your micro-breaks will stimulate your blood circulation and keep you fit and focused throughout the working day.

* Available for Windows only

Break software:

Secret weapon in the fight against repetitive strain injuries

Research shows that for years there has been an increase in physical complaints related to screen usage. The complaints that occur most frequently are strain complaints such as CANS (Complaints of Arms Neck and Shoulders), or also called RSI. In the Netherlands, some 3.2 million working people suffer from RSI. But what exactly is RSI and how can you prevent these complaints? And what makes break software a weapon in the fight against RSI?