R-Go Tools introduces the Caparo and Zepher circular monitor arms

21 November 2022
Anita Bons

With these, we set a new standard of circularly designed sustainable monitor arms with a minimal carbon footprint for healthy computing.

Unique combination

As ergonomic specialists, we are taking a new step in designing sustainable ergonomic products. The unique combination of modularity, sustainability and ergonomics has resulted in a new line of affordable monitor arms that match our vision of making healthy working a standard.

Prevent complaints

Working with computers has many advantages, but unfortunately also some disadvantages. As we spend more and more time behind a screen, our bodies tend to adopt a bent posture. In this unnatural position, the neck muscles have to bear the weight of the head. With the chin on the chest, the force on our neck soon reaches 27 kilos! This is far too heavy for the neck muscles and can cause pain.

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