New Year’s resolutions? Start using your computer mouse in a healthy way

21 November 2022
Anita Bons

At the start of the new year, good intentions are almost inevitable. Chances are, one of your resolutions this year is to exercise more. In fact, this resolution is in the top 3 good intentions for 2019.

Short duration

But how do you get started with this? An annual membership at the local gym probably isn’t the best approach. After all, fanatical exercise often turns out to be short-term in practice. Resolutions require lasting behavioural change. And let that be precisely what we find most difficult…

Little effort, great effect

What if you start with a change that requires little effort and yet produces a lot of effect? After all, how much time do you spend behind a screen every day? Research by the Hogeschool van Rotterdam shows that schoolchildren already use a screen for an average of 6.5 hours a day. Many people suffer from physical complaints due to screen work. More than 60% of children also experience pain after using a screen. If you want to live healthy, you also want to work healthy. And if you want to work healthily, you need a healthy computer mouse.

Did you know that the shape of the mouse can contribute to healthy posture and mouse movement? So you can move healthily unnoticed and thus prevent physical complaints.

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