A helping arm for screen work

30 January 2023
Gerry Hameetman

These days, everything you do requires a monitor, big or small. As obvious as this is, you soon forget what effect it has on your body. Behind a screen, you imperceptibly adopt an unnaturally bent posture. Your neck muscles carry the weight of your head and the more crooked your posture, the harder it is for them. With your chin on your chest, the weight of your head equals a force of about 27 kilos! When you realise this, perhaps a number of discomforts can suddenly be explained  

Clunky computer screens

Small screens, of course, are usually easy to set up somewhere so that you sit upright – and therefore healthy -. Computer screens are a different story. You can usually raise a standard monitor slightly, but can you manage to set it really at eye level? Because that is the ideal height at which you automatically sit straight. Fortunately, there are all kinds of aids that make it possible to raise your computer screen. The best way to do this is to use a separate monitor stand or monitor arm, which you can adjust so that the height, viewing distance and angle of the screen are optimal for you.  

Modular construction

Sound like a lot of hassle? It doesn’t have to be at all. For instance, the R-Go Zepher and Caparo monitor arms are modularly designed. That means the monitor can be attached from above the desktop, requiring no tools or extra help. You can also easily upgrade your set-up with a separate, additional monitor or laptop arm or document holder thanks to the modular system.

Two monitors

Once assembled, you can adjust everything exactly as you want it for healthy and convenient work. You can rotate, tilt and adjust the depth of the screen. Do you work with two screens? Then a monitor arm becomes even more important. Constantly looking to the side can quickly strain your neck muscles. Make sure you place your second screen right next to your main screen, at the same height and distance. With a dual monitor arm, you can adjust both screens quickly and easily.

Gas spring for flexible workstations

On a personal workstation, you only need to set everything once. But what if you share your workspace with other colleagues? Since we are not all the same height, the position of the monitor will have to be adjusted regularly. The R-Go Caparo is equipped with a gas spring especially for this type of flexi workstation, making it easy to adjust the monitor to any position with one hand. Armping has never been so easy 😉

At home too

As mentioned, we spend a large part -if not most of our time!- in front of a monitor during the day. For office spaces, monitor arms are more or less taken for granted, with all the attention paid to health and safety at work. But what about in your home? How often do you actually reflect on your working posture behind your screen? Perhaps such a helping arm would not be a luxury at your home workplace either!

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